Why I Suck At Blogging And What I’m Going To Do About It: Looking Forward

Wowzer!  I could seriously beat myself up about crapping out on my endeavor to post a blog for 30 days straight  but I’m choosing to give myself some grace instead.

Here’s what I’ve learned since my last post (you know, the one I did two months ago…)

  1. I’m a perfectionist.  Perfectionism and blogging do NOT go well together.
  2. Hands down, I’m a whole-hearted believer that He intends for me to blog.  I can’t shake the darn call.  Sorry, Lord, but I just haven’t truly embraced it yet.
  3. Evernote is an awesome app for organizing the mind-racing thoughts that will eventually turn in to blog posts.  If you don’t have Evernote – it makes for an amazing, easily accessible ‘electronic swipe file’
  4. Losing sight of the true intention is never glorious.  It just causes more chaos.  I think this is true for whatever you endeavor but it has been especially significant as I battled this call to blog over the past couple months.
  5. I’m also a worry-wart.  Well, actually, I’m battling with this one in my inner-being.  I’m not sure I ‘worry’ so much as I ‘acknowledge concern’ for things.  I don’t doubt that He has a purpose and a plan regardless of whether I see it … I just often forget to breathe and lean in to Him as it works itself out (but I’m working on this, really, I am)
  6. Followers just want to hear from you.   You put the pressure on yourself.  Realistically, I cannot commit to a blog post a day.  It was an unrealistic self-expectation.  What was I thinking?! #pressure
  7. Consistency is my 2017 word … yep, consistency.  I know what I need to do, I just need to do it consistently.  And I am capable.  I am!

So what am I going to do with all this knowledge?  I’m scrapping the goal of ’30 days of blog posts’ and instead, I’m implementing the ‘consistency’ endeavor!  For starters, my much-more-realistic-for-me goal is to post once a week.  Eh.  Once a week.  I can handle that.

Here are some of the title lines in my swipe file on Evernote (read as: here’s a teaser on what’s to come), in no certain order:

  • Struggling With Tenacity
  • 40 x 40
  • Deciding On Our Date
  • You Know Me – The Inconsiderate Friend
  • Doctors Don’t Know Everything – The Nurse Wasn’t Crazy
  • Anticipating A Few Milestone Moments In 2017

There are others but these are the ones already bubbling over in my mind so stick around and see how I do … it’ll be fun!




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