Joy In The Normal

At the Moms Meet WOW Summit that I attended recently, one of the speakers was Rachel Martin.  I absolutely received her message to us moms:

  • Don’t qualify being a mom.  You’re not just a mom, YOU’RE A MOM!!
  • Embrace the reality of your ‘day in the life’ facebook reel
  • Comparison is the death of contentment
  • If you mess up, learn to do better
  • Find beauty in the normal
  • Happiness is external … true joy is a deep decision
  • Shift your perspective, every day:
    • One awesome thing that happened that day
    • One beautiful moment from that day
    • Don’t forget about yourself … take care of you
  • Moms are lost … let’s get found!

Let’s break it down…

My current ‘day in the life’ actually looks like this (my day, yesterday):

  • Got up late for church, fed the girl ones cake for breakfast and not sure they brushed their teeth
  • Took Piper Dean to the adult service with me which caused Cheridan to have a slight breakdown because I messed up her routine
  • Steven left early to go to a flood sale but he brought me a Starbucks on his way to meet me at church … he loves me
  • The big flea market that we promised to take Piper Dean to only had one vendor show up … she didn’t even get out of the car
  • I purged my bedroom (clothes, shoes, purses) to donate to the flood victims … felt very gluttonous
  • Girls were outside playing and Piper Dean comes in yelling ‘Mom! Mom! Cheridan keeps taking her clothes off’ only to look up and see my littlest little walking up the rockwall on the play land …. stark naked
  • Did I mention that I made my daughter cry on the 6-minute drive to church? Yep. Let the fashion battles begin.
  • Intense conversation with friends about the presidential election.  First of all, the choices are embarrassing.  Second of all, I rarely talk politics because I don’t want to be friendless.
  • The rocket launch got rescheduled
  • Hubby gave me a massage after we put the girls to bed.  A for real, no strings attached, you’ve worked hard today massage.  And he offered to do another one tonight if I wanted.  He definitely loves me.

The overtone of the day was that I could have chosen to beat myself up a lot.  But I didn’t.  Here’s why:

  • Cake for breakfast makes me cool in their eyes and we made it to church.  That’s what counts, right?  We showed up though … and next week I’ll get up at 7am instead of 7:50am
  • Cheridan, though I am heartbroken that I didn’t give her a heads up that her ‘nocrmal’ would be different, survived.  She found a way to express herself and moved on.  Thankfully.
  • My husband, who works hard, was able to spend some of his fun money on some new fishing stuff that was on sale.  He was tickled pink.  And he RARELY EVER spends money. And I got Starbucks.
  • We now have a future flea market date with Piper Dean 🙂
  • There is a refresh in purging.  The devil does NOT get to enjoy making me feel bad about blessing others.  Nuh-uh.
  • I’ve got nothing for nakedness.  It was a real moment.  Joy.  Still searching for the joy in that.
  • We now have an agreement to write out our wardrobe wants and come up with an agreed on fashion sense for my 9yo … compromise = joy
  • I love my friends.  Their passion makes me want to do better.
  • The reschedule day was ‘Family Night’ – not much better than a rocket launch!
  • I still got to go to Cleveland … and I got a great massage too

So it’s simple: finding joy is about perspective, friends.  The next time the devil wants to take over your moment, take a breath and give yourself some grace, friend.

So tell me: what’s your ‘joy in the normal’ moment from today?


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