Answering His Call

My sweet friend Melissa, who blogs at Adventures of Frugal Mom, has been such an encourager to me in what has become my inevitable journey to blog.  A year or so ago, I felt like He was laying it on my heart to start blogging.  And I fought His call.  I fought hard!!

I threw every excuse at Him: I don’t have time.  I don’t want to.  I’m already afraid that I hurt feelings and piss people off with my blunt truth (though, if you truly know my heart, you know that is NEVER an intentional outcome) … why would I want to put my thoughts in writing and publish them for the world to see?!  WHY WOULD HE ASK ME TO DO THAT?!  and did I mention that I don’t feel like I have any time?

So, I fought the call.  Actually, I ran from it.  And He kept laying it on me.  I couldn’t get away from the feeling.  Melissa will tell you: I fought hard against it.  I knew I should just embrace it but I did not want to.  I. Did NOT. Want to!! So I ran from it.

That turned out to be comical.  When the Good Lord is calling you to do something, it doesn’t just fade away.  I remember Pastor Bill Wilson preaching a service about that … that when it was HIS will, it WOULD come to pass.  That nothing we could do would keep it from happening.  That He would put all things in motion to make it happen.

So I dabbled.  I posted a few times over the past year.  Literally, 3 posts, lol. But His will be done.  Here I am at my computer, professing to all who are following me that I have finally succumbed to His call and am going to submit to His will.


You see, the call never left me.  I have approximatley 10,002 blog posts in my head that have formed over the past year.  I can’t shake them.  So I will write.  My sweet friend Melissa has given me lots of information on how to set up the blog layout and how to manage my time and organize my content thoughts.  She has welcomed me into the Carolina Bloggers group, introducing me to some very fun fellow bloggers!

The biggest encouragement, though, was the trip she invited me to go on this past weekend.  She and I travelled to the Moms Meet WOW Summit in National Harbor, MD.  She invited me to go on this trip with her a couple of months ago.  I hesitated to commit.  I was, after, all, fighting His call at that time.  And she knew it.  I think He used her to move me toward embracing this journey.  And I’m forever grateful that she listened and followed through by extending that invitation to me!

I met a fellow blogger, Meg, who blogs at Grateful for Gummies, at the bloggers workshops on Friday.  Though she may not even realize it, she too was an encourager to me.  When I met her in the hallway, I was feeling very overwhelmed by all the information that was being delivered to me (because, really, if you’re going to answer His call, why not go to a great big convention full of ladies who’ve been blogging for 5- 10- 20+ years?!) and she ever-so-gently explained to me that she was a newer blogger too.

It was a relief!  I was not alone!!  What she told me that stood out in my heart, though, was that, when she started, she decided that she would blog once a day for 30 days to see if it was really what she wanted to do.  Aha! Now that sounds logical.  And, those who know me know that I love logic.

And that brings me here.  My first of thirty.  I’m putting this post up as the start of my self-challenge: 30 days of posts to start the journery of answering His call.  While I was at the summit this weekend, I made a list of the blog ideas that were twirling around in my mind.  They’re pretty random: family, life, fitness, littles, friendship, relationship, health and wellness … truly, random.

I won’t promist that my first 30 days will be fireworks and rainbows, but, if you’re still with me on this one, and you stick with me for the next 30 days as I answer this call, please know that I super appreciate you!  Tomorrow: The Story of Us – Part 1: Grace of God … how I met my husband 🙂


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