… I Miss the Beach!

My family loves the beach.  I mean LOVES the beach!  I’m not such a huge fan.  At all.  Sand everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  Walking barefoot.  Being outdoors.  And did I mention the sand? Ick.

I do love my family though … and thus I tolerate the beach 😉

But today, as I’m wrapping up day 7 of not having seen my husband and son and day 4 of not seeing my daughters, I’m going to admit a shocking truth: I miss the beach!

Say WHAT?!  Yes, it’s true.  I miss the beach.  Me.  I do.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t miss the sand (definitely NOT the sand) … or the walking barefoot … or being outdoors.  At all.

But I do miss snuggling with my husband on that uncomfortable bed in the rental house, drinking coffee with my mother-in-law in the mornings, rocking on the big ole porch with my sweet littles, playing dice with my family and stealing away some time to myself to read a book.  And I even miss getting to the sand and watching them play in the water; chase fish; catch crabs; skim board and search for seashells.

Overall, I’ve realized that I need to be more intentional about the time I devote to my family.  Why am I waiting for the next beach trip?  That’s just silly.  Life is short.  Make it a vacation day … just today!


One thought on “… I Miss the Beach!

  1. Laura, I have read all of the blog posts and they are awesome. Your Dad was always proud of you in your various rolls. You were an awesome daughter to him and he was always so proud of your relationshio with Maverick. We always tell your story when we want to tell people how families should be when they are two families coming together as one. I know that Maverick will always be glad that God put you in his life.

    I look forward to reading your future post.

    27 sweetie


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